Monday, February 9, 2009

F.O. Monday? - Off The Loom

This past weekend I had several new weaving students. It was their first time using any type of loom. One chose to purchase a Cricket, the other a Flip.

Both did an amazing job working on their first scarf -- even going so far as to work a plaid! I was very impressed with their even beat and tension.

The first picture is a hand-dyed, hand spun scarf that I worked as a sample of the Flip's increased width. The piece measures 20 inches wide. That's a lot of scarf. The beautiful Cormo wool is extremely soft and has
 a touch of sheen. Hand spun on the loom is always a pleasant experience.

Second is the Boku and Yorkshire Tweed Aran scarf. It measures 8 inches wide and 3 yards long including the fringe. That's enough to go around the neck several times and still hang mid-calf. 

All of that from only 180 yards of Boku and less than 3/4 of a 175 ball of Yorkshire Tweed.

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