Thursday, June 25, 2009

Majacraft Dolphin Niddy Noddy

Majacraft's Dolphin Niddy Noddy just arrived -- have you ever seen a niddy noddy like it?

It's really firm and stable in your hand and stands up or lays down by itself, with or without yarn on it, so you can safely put it down to answer the door.

The unique shape also makes the correct motion for winding more obvious. Almost eliminating those crossing mistakes some of us get when we can't quite remember how to wind a traditional niddy noddy. The sloping shapes hold the yarn firmly when you're winding, but allow quick removal when you're done without stretching.

Like everything else from the Majacraft workshop, it's beautifully constructed and the wood shows great character.

For easy calculations, it winds a 54" hank -- 1.5 yards per wrap.

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