Monday, November 9, 2009

Gifts for Knitters

Looking for something that's sure to be appreciated by any knitter?

Two of the most popular sock designers in the knitting world have new releases.

Cookie A has pioneered unusual sock construction and stitch patterns in all of her work. She travels, twists, and moves stitches in places that have never before seen that type of action. Here designs are truly unique and sure to keep an avid sock knitter excited.

Cat Bordhi is a well respected designer with a large volume of work. Her new release, Personal Footprints for Insouciant Socks Knitters, instructs readers on a new method for sock knitting -- no arithmetic, no gauge to match, and no fuss. A welcome relief for many knitters that work to relax while waiting at the doctor or watching evening television. The end result are socks that are truly custom fit to the wearer, yet a smooth and relaxing knit.

The newly reprinted Harmony Guides offer full pictures and instruction for over 250 stitch patterns in each volume. Choose from just Knit and Purl variations, cable stitches, or lace and eyelets. Finish a project with a choice from the Knit Trims and Edgings volume.

These guides are an important reference encyclopedia for knitters. Use them when adding a unique twist to an existing pattern, or in your own designs. Perfect for finding a truly unique stitch for a quick scarf, adding some detail to a plain sock, or writing up a runway style coat.

Holiday Gifts To Knit

There's still plenty of time to cast-on for holiday gifts.

Felted Clogs from Fiber Trends and Knitting Pure and Simple's Bulky Hat and Mitten Set (with or without ear flaps) are projects that will be appreciated by anyone. They are both knit on larger yarn and needles, so they can be completed in about one evening.

We're also fully restocked on Eucalan No-Rinse Wool Wash -- in both standard 16.9 oz bottles as well as 3.3 oz bottles that are perfect for including with hand knit gifts. Eucalan is so simple to use just include one of the $4 3.3 oz bottles with your hand knit gift and feel confident the recipient will properly care for it.