Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Stock - Aslan Trends

Today's shipment from Aslan Trends includes four new colors of Santa Fe Hand Dyed Merino Sock Yarn and a new Del Cerro Merino.

Both yarns are very soft and have had great feedback from customers.

You can order them online (Santa Fe - Del Cerro ) or they're available for immediate pickup in the shop.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted

I just unpacked the first shipment of Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted. It's soft, nicely plyed, and a great choice to get machine washability in projects that look best is a classic wool.

Unfortunately there were lots of backorders, but some colors are in stock now. They're available for online ordering, or come feel them in the shop.

More is on the way! You can also special order any color and product from the Brown Sheep line whenever you need it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meilenweit Rainbow Sock Yarn

A new yarn from Lana Grossa is Meilenweit Rainbow.

80% Wool / 20% Nylon - Machine Washable
100 grams / 462 yards

Long chromatic repeats are finally available at an affordable price. The very generous yardage per ball will be enough for large sized men's socks, or more than plenty to ensure you can perfectly line up the colors between socks.

$16.50 / skein

I'm excited for UPS to drop this one off...

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Quick Pattern Leaflets

These new pattern leaflets require minimal yarn and time. There's still time to finish a warm winter hat before the next storm! Or make a nice gift for an early spring baby. Available now.

Ribbed Ear Flap Hat
(Chunky Weight)

Coliumo Earflap Hat
(Chunky Weight)

Slip Stitch Tweed Pullover with Oversize Boat Neck and 3/4 sleeves
(Worsted Weight)

Garter Stitch Cardigan and Hat
(Worsted Weight)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Schacht Cricket Looms - Back In Stock

The very popular Schacht Cricket loom is back in stock as of this evening.

The remainder of this current shipment is available at the old price of $135. Starting with our next shipment, the price will be $140 to reflect Schacht's February price increase.

As always I include a free introductory rigid heddle weaving lesson with the purchase of the loom.

If you think you might be interested in weaving, the Cricket is affordable and easy to use. It's great to start out on, but it remains useful for small portable projects even if you progress further into more challenging weaving projects/looms.

Lana Grossa / GGH / New Aslan Colors - Coming Soon!

My sales rep just left with my order sheets for some nice spring additions from two companies that are new to my store, as well as some new offerings from our recent addition - Aslan Trends.

One standout from GGH is Tara. A cotton and microfiber blend that's billed as "cotton with the feel of cashmere". Not only is it light and soft -- it's machine washable. My opening order is for 17 colors, so there's bound to be at least several you love. It works up on 8-9 needles, but because of the microfiber you can have a cotton sweater that doesn't weigh a ton.

View GGH's Tara Page.

Some new sock yarns are coming, as well as some VERY VERY exciting pattern books!

I'll be posting updates with the new items while I wait for it to arrive!